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Windsors First and Only Rental House

Gear House Windsor was created to fill a desperate need in Windsor and surrounding communities. For too long, creators, hobbyists, and enthusiasts have been forced to either buy gear outright or hope that someone they know would lend them equipment for a project. 

Gear House Windsor was born to allow everyone access to high-end gear. Whether it's for you to test before deciding to buy or if there's a job coming up where you need an extra set of lights.


As a company, we strive to stock all the newest and sought after gear for years to come. Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message and we will do what we can to add it to our ever growing inventory!

Hey, let me introduce myself! My name is Henry Nadasdi and I am a freelance filmmaker, photographer and Co-founder of Gear House Windsor.


Backtracking 2 years to when I first fell in love with filmmaking I remember being so eager to start following this new found passion BUT, there was a small problem. GEAR WAS SO EXPENSIVE! While looking to rent gear to save some money I quickly learnt that there was no such this as gear rentals here in Windsor.

Our goal for Gear House Windsor is so much more than just renting equipment. We strive to better the creative community and welcome new minds with open arms. Providing information  to make you a better creator as well as the gear to bring your visions to life.

Henry Nadasdi - Co Founder 

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Hi, my name is Leonardo Cardelli, but you can call me Leo and I'm lucky to be taking photos professionally. 


I originally went to school for architecture, but after graduation found I'd much rather be up all night creating concepts or editing instead of drawing floor plans. Its a decision I'm very happy I made. Thanks to being a freelance photographer I've been able to meet so many amazing individuals (Including you reading this) and go on some once in a lifetime adventures.


For me Gear House Windsor is about bettering the way creatives in Windsor and surrounding areas produce content. Giving people access to gear that was originally a mere dream and turning it into a reality

Leo Cardelli - Co Founder

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